Mar 252022

‘Once again I will be taking part in the Sculpture exhibition at the Melbourne Flower and garden Show.

My 3 sculptures are

  1. All in the Same Boat I”.
  2. All in the Same Boat II”
  3. Cycle

The work in this exhibition was a response to the covid situation we have found ourselves in over the last couple of years. The constant refrains of “We’re all in this Together” and also “All in the Same Boat” found expression in the 2 boat sculptures. One boat has a very similar crew, uncertain where we were going, one has a diverse, distinctly Australian crew. Although all in this together, we all had very different experiences of the pandemic. The third sculpture illustrates a more optimistic aspect of our lockdown experiences – the parks were full of people, including families, out enjoying nature and exercise.”⁠There are approximately 100 different sculptures – a huge range of media, scale and subjects,

I’ll be there

  • Giving a demonstration on dragon making 11-12 Thursday
  • and also will be helping at the exhibition again Friday morning.

Sculpture in the Carlton Gardens is again part of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. MIFGS runs 30 March to 3 April and you can find more information and book tickets through the MIFGS website. The sculpture exhibition hosts more than 100 sculptures in a range of scales and materials suitable for courtyard, garden or estate.

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