Jul 232023

“Neptune’s Grotto”

A magical underwater world created by

Meredith Plain, Lynne Foard and Lisa Hopper.

Ceramic sculpture and Painting

11 August to 26th September 2023


Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden
6 Manningham Rd W., Bulleen.

After enjoying our exhibition last year, I have  decided to band together with Lynne and Lisa for another exhibition.

So, planning started for Neptune’s Grotto, a topic which inspires us all. It  encompasses mythology; the many varied creatures and fantastical plants of the sea; the sense of freedom found in swimming through new worlds. We will be bringing in our interpretations of the watery world to create Neptune’s magical grotto in the Bolin Bolin Gallery – Neptune himself, mermaids, fish and other sea creatures ….

Lynne Foard (more about Lynne) & Meredith Plain (more about Meredith)  have been friends since Lynne introduced  Meredith to the joys of working with clay while she was giving classes at the Eltham Living and Learning Centre in the late 80s. Lynne is an accomplished ceramic artist, but has  focussed most of her creative energy on painting in the last few years.

Lisa is Lynne’s daughter who paints and runs her individual shop in Far North Queensland.

You can find more of Lynne and Lisa’s work at https://gallery.baag.com.au/event/neptunes-grotto/

And more at https://www.facebook.com/BolinBolinGallery/ or https://www.instagram.com/bolingallery/

I have enjoyed working towards this exhibition with a sea theme over the past year , creating works which could populate an underwater world. I’ve had fun making Neptune, and my La Neptuna, mermaids, fish and other sea creatures. Images below:

Clay Sculpture Demonstrations & Meet the Artist

2 to 4pm Sunday 13 August and 12 to 2pm Saturday 19 August

Mermaids and Neptune…


“La Neptuna”

Introducing La Neptuna. While I was creating works to populate “Neptune’s Grotto” I didn’t want to give Neptune a free hand. So, here is a strong female in charge.


This low bird bath is one of my rare mosaic efforts. I have been saving special fragments and ceramic pieces with the intention of using them in mosaic works. this doesn’t happen very often, BUT, I did have this large low bowl and a number of sea themed and was inspired to use them for this rock pool with its own mermaid.

Another rockpool

More Sea Creatures

A sea slug and a large fish

A s



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