Jan 072024

Collaboration Nicola Hoyle, Tim Read, Meredith Plain.

I am happy to have been part of the collaboration which created the fence at the front of Nillumbik Nursery. This fence,   which delineates the nursery space from the carpark, was a part of the transformation of Nillumbik Nursery. As well as being a top class plant nursery, Nillumbik Nursery  is now a destination with its own special character; a place to wander and appreciate some unique art as well as the huge range of plants and garden products.  https://nillumbiknursery.com.au

In 2019 local sculptor Nicola Hoyle was commissioned to create a specific botanically inspired design  for the metal panels of the fence: another local sculptor, Tim Read supplied bollards with designs reflecting he local flora. Then I came along with some of my ceramic creatures designed to sit on top of the bollards and survey the scene. There are 2 dragons guarding the entrance, chooks, a magpie, frog, kookaburra.

Images of the fence below.





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