Sep 042015


A giant rooster and a hen have nested at Bulleen Art & Garden and now oversee the driveway . They were installed in December 2014.

They are representative of food gardening, which is very important at Bulleen Art & Garden and also a big part of my life.

I have recently taken an interest in capturing the quirky nature of chooks. As well as their interesting personalities, they have a place in sustainable food gardens. They play their part by providing eggs and also acting as living composters – they eat our scraps and provide useful manure. They eat many insect pests – but you do need to make sure they don’t destroy your seedlings. My particular chooks have been inspired by the lovely black chooks which can be seen on the green grass at Edendale farm and Enviornmental Centre, Eltham. And we did have our own chooks for about 20 years

This commission has led to a series of chooks and roosters, which have been very popular. DSC03314 DSC03315


The InstallationDSC03313 DSC03311

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