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This post gives details of exhibitions, workshops and experience in ceramic sculpture.


2001- 2002:   Graduate Certificate of Art History, University of Melbourne.

1991- 1995 :    Part-time study of selected subjects of Assoc Dip Applied Art (Ceramics), Box Hill TAFE.

1989-1990:    Classes with Eltham sculptor Lynne Foard.

Short courses and workshops:

  • 3 day workshop with Japanese ceramic sculptor, Akio Takamori (2012)
  • 8 session Life Sculpture Course at the Contemporary Sculptors Association (2007).
  • 5 day practical workshop with French Ceramic sculptor, Dominique Bajard (2003).
  • One day workshops with Vipoo Srivilasa (2006), Jenny Orchard (2006), Alison Peake, Jan Saric (2000), Jane Annois, Jeff Mincham (May 1998), Suzanne Kaldor, Aug 1998, Barbara Swarbrick., Deborah Halpern (June 1997),
  • 4 Day courses with Matcham Skipper, Julie Begg,
  • Classes in life drawing, pastels, mosaic and Hebel sculpture.

Conferences/ Tour

Pottery Tour in Japan                                                        2014

“Subversive Clay, Ceramics Triennale, Adelaide,         2012

Ceramics In Denmark                                                        2010

Sydney Ceramics Triennale                                               2009

2 week pottery tour of France with Jane Annois,         2004.

Public Art conference at Brunswick TAFE                     2003

Ignition, National Ceramics conference                         2003.

Festival of Ceramics                                                            1997,1999,2000,

Bulleen Art & Garden since  1990.

Nillumbik Nursery since 2018

Pottery Expo @ McLelland Gallery October 2008

Pottery Expo @ Federation Square November 2005

Pottery Expo at Warrandyte Feb 2004, Feb 2005, Feb 2007, Feb 2010

Potter’s Cottage, June 1994 to March 2004.

Charles Smith Gallery, Since July 1999.

Eltham Wiregrass Gallery 1992 to 1994.

Fitzroy Nursery 1990 to 1999.

Eltham Art Show Nov 1990,1992,1994,1995,1997, 1998:

Pottery Bazaar at Eltham Wiregrass Gallery Nov 1994, 1995,1997.

Open Studio, Nillumbik Festival. Nov 1996


Solo :

February 2006          “From Here to There”                                               Bulleen Art & Garden

October 2003             Recent Work by Meredith Plain                             Bulleen Art & Garden

October 1999             “Journeys”                                                                    Bulleen Art & Garden

Nov 1995                     “Out of the Ark”                                                          Bulleen Art & Garden

Nov 1993                   “Creatures of Myth & Magic”                                     Bulleen Nursery

Dec 1992                    “Flights of Fantasy, “                                                 Green Gables Gallery, Box Hill.


April 2022                    “Alice in Wonderland”           with Lynne Foard and Lisa Hopper            Bulleen Art and Garden

June 2021                     “Our Natural World”      with Sandra Bain, Heather Wilson, Miss Stephanie, Leah Lux Tame, Giuseppe Raneri  Bulleen Art and Garden

June 2020                   “The Bolin Collection”

(with Ann Maree Gentile, Sue Davies)       Bulleen Art & Garden

August 2017               “Nature and Creativity

With Nadia Culph and Neen Arthur               Bulleen Art & Garden

October 2011           “More Lazy Days”,                                                       Bulleen Art & Garden

(with Lee Goller, Kirsty Manger & Jodie Maree Phelan)

September 2010      “Lazy Days”,                                                                Bulleen Art & Garden
(with Lee Goller, Kirsty Manger & Jodie Maree Phelan)

March 2009             “Cabbages”                                                                   Bulleen Art & Garden
(with Wendy Steer & Jenny Overton)

November 2001        “The Two Dragon Ladies” (with Lynne Foard)    Bulleen Art & Garden

Group Exhibitions

2007 to 2021          “Christmas@Bulleen”                                                    Bulleen Art & Garden

2017, 2018, 2021       “The Teapot Show”                                              Stonehouse Gallery

2022                          ASV Annual exhibition                                                 Victorian Artists Society

2017                           “Classroom Creative”                                     Bulleen Art & Garden

2016                         “Japan Dreaming”                                                          Bulleen Art & Garden

2016 , 2019, 2022   “Staff Exhibition”                                                            Bulleen Art & Garden

2015                         “Twenty Years of art at BAAG”                                      Bulleen Art & Garden

2003 to 2019, 2022         “Sculptor’s Art in the Garden”                                       ASV exhibition Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

2013                        “Bolin and the Yarra –    Connecting with nature”      Bulleen Art & Garden

2012                         “Conservatory of Singular Specimens”                         Bulleen Art & Garden

2011                          ASV Annual exhibition                                                    The Light Factory Gallery,  Eltham

2011                          Elliott with the Association of Sculptors of Victoria

2009, 2010, 2011                         “The Art Of Gardening Sustainably 2011”                    Bulleen Art & Garden

2010                        “Fins, Feathers and other friends”                                  Stonehouse Gallery

2009                        “Going Native”                                                                   Stonehouse Gallery

2009                        Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Annual Awards Exhibition Manningham Gallery

2006,2007,2008      Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Annual Awards     Montsalvat

2007                     “Made in France”                                                                   Manningham Gallery

2006                    “Tactonics”    Selected VCG exhibition                              Dire Tribe Gallery

2007                    “Flora Abundicus”                                                                  Bulleen Art & Garden

2006                    “Electric” VCG Exhibition                                                    Northcote Pottery

2006                      “Art for Peace”                                                                       Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

2005                      “Garden Gnomes”                                                                Bulleen Art & Garden

2002,03,04,05   “Bonanza”,  CSA Member’s Show                                      Yarra Sculpture Gallery

2005                       “Rivers”                                                                                  Bulleen Art & Garden

2003,05             Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Annual Exhibition,          Telstra Centre

2005                       “Two Weeks in France”                                                      Bulleen Art & Garden

2005                        Sculpture Exhibition                                                          Wandin Waters

2004                       “Composed” Selected VCG Exhibition,                            Gasworks Sculpture Park

2004                       “Found”                                                                                 Bulleen Art & Garden

2004                        “Chosen Vessel”                                                                  Manningham Artspace

2003                         Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards

2003                        “10 Sculptors at Bendigo” Ignition, National Ceramics Conference, Bendigo Pottery

2003                        “Clay in the Garden”                                                           Bulleen Art & Garden

2002                        “Creatures”                                                                           Bulleen Art & Garden

2002                        Clay@Montsalvat, Selected VCG Exhibition                  Montsalvat

2002                         “Stone & Clay ”                                                                    Bulleen Art & Garden.

2001                            “Spring into Summer”                                                    Potters Cottage

1999,2000                 “Masterworks”,                                                                 Eltham College

1999                            “Talented Local Artists”.                                                Eltham Wiregrass Gallery.

1999                             “8X8 Exhibition”                                                            Roar Gallery.

2000, 1999, 1998     ‘Potter’s Showcase”                                                         Eltham Wiregrass Gallery.

1999                             VCG Sculpture Exhibition,                                           Metro Craft Centre

1998                              “Something Fishy”,                                                       Bulleen Art & Garden.

1998                              “For the Birds”,                                                             Bulleen Art & Garden.

1998                               ‘Valley of the Arts.’                                                      Bulleen Art & Garden

1997                              ‘All Creatures’.                                                              Bulleen Art & Garden.

1997                                ‘Birdbaths & Fountains’,                                          Bulleen Art & Garden.

1996                              ‘Celebrities 10X12 Exhibition’,                                   Montsalvat.

1996                               ‘Christmas Show’,                                                        Bulleen Art & Garden.

1996                                Garden Exhibition.                                                     Bulleen Art & Garden.

1996.                               CACe 96                                                                        Manningham Artspace.

1995:                              “Botanica”                                                                      Northcote Pottery Gallery.

1995                                ‘Fantasy, Whimsy, Mythology’                                  Northcote Pottery Gallery

1994, 1995:                 ‘Christmas Show’                                                            Northcote Pottery gallery.

1994:                            ‘Cow & Chook Show’,                                                     Artist’s Garden Gallery.

1993:                             Centenary Art Exhibition,                                           Melbourne Girl’s Grammar School.

1993:                             ‘Animalia Exhibition,’                                                   Meat Market Craft Centre.

1993,1994,1995,1996,: Pots for People,                                                            Vic Ceramic Group.

1992:                                                                                                                          Artists Garden.

1991:                         Exhibition with Lynne Foard, and Claire Nailer.                At Home.


Commissioned Work
Possum Slide Bulleen Art & Garden              October 2010

Habitat tree – Ceramic Creatures. Bulleen Art & Garden June 2008

Ceramic Vegetable Tiles as part of the Kitchen Garden Walk at the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden December 2007

Beach Mural, Eagle ward, Austin Hospital. November 2006

Design & Ceramics by Meredith Plain, Design and painting by Lachlan Plain.

Approx 15m by 5m.

“Bolin Directions” April 2005

Ceramic tile work set in the Bolin Bolin Cultural Trail, Bulleen. Tiles donated.

Mural in front of Bulleen Art & Garden. March 1998

Featured in The Garden at Cooee, Australia’s Open Garden Scheme. September 1997
Featured in ‘Bali Dreaming’, display garden by Ian Barker in the International Flower & Garden Show. April 1997
Many smaller private commissions.


Involved in setting up and ongoing management and promotion of the Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden, which opened in November 1995. (Curation and set up of exhibitions, managing commission sales, sending press releases, management of gallery client email list, organisation of sculpture workshops.

New gallery built in July 2015

This gallery specialises in three dimensional local art, particularly garden art.


Ceramic Sculpture Workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden, 2001 – 2016

Children’s Ceramic Sculpture Workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden, 2007 – 2010.

Found object collages at at the Kid’s Arty Farty Fest, Banyule Festival. 20011, 2012

Crazy Critters workshops at the Kid’s Arty Farty Fest, Banyule Festival. 2005 – 2010

Crazy Critters workshops at the Practically Green Festival, Eltham. October 2009

Workshop at at Eltham Primary School  2011

Demonstration at Eltham Primary School May 2009.

“Wild Sculpture” workshop at the Melbourne Zoo as artist in residence, August 2002.

Tutor at Eltham Living & Learning Centre, a number of short courses , 1995 to 2001.

Member of :
Ceramics Victoria

Contemporary Sculptor’s Association.

Association of Sculptors of Victoria.

Other Interests
I have recently become interested and active in sustainable gardening and home grown food and sustainable gardening, which is being reflected in some of my work.

Eltham South Garden POD

Sustainable Gardening Australia www.sgaonline.org.au

Food Gardeners Alliance www.fga.org.au

1973: BSc(Hons) H2A University of Melbourne.

1975: MSc. University of Melbourne.

1975 -1980: Full time work as a medical research scientist at the Cancer Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash University.

1981- 1987: Part-time work as a medical research scientist at the department of Medicine, University of Melbourne.

Honours and Masters theses.

First author of five publications in scientific journals.1977 to 1986.

Joint author of two other papers, 1975,1980.

Presentations at seven scientific conferences between 1977 and 1984.


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