Nov 232014

2014-07-25 001 002This work is a part of the group exhibition Christmas@Bulleen Art & Garden in the Bolin Bolin Gallery, 5-24 December 2014. www.

A few years ago I was thinking about what to include in a group exhibition, Lazy Days. The images which came to mind were from my childhood in country town – exploring, playing, making up games. In a pre-digital time – although the TV was just starting to make inroads, which seem\ed much more clearcut to a child.

Grandchildren have now brought back my second, or third, childhood.  Some of my recent work tells some of the timeless traditional tales of childhood.

Sculpting in clay is a wonderful way to capture lifelike characters and tell stories, which is what this work is about.

Little Jack Horner


Little Red Riding Hood


Mary Mary Quite Contrary2014-07-25 001 002DSC03292


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