Jul 192016

13692945_1108694042525808_8828673064358781453_oI am currently taking part in

“Art and Gardens”

An  Exhibition by the Staff of Bulleen Art & Garden  

14th – 31st  July 2016

There is a very creative, as well as capable team at Bulleen Art & Garden. You can see this at Bulleen Art & Garden -the ideas they have; how they help solve your garden or design problems; creative displays; innovative products; how they help you learn in the garden classes or bring out your own creativity in art workshops. This exhibition showcases some of their other creative talents, which  may not be so obvious from their daily work .

I have 2 pieces which are a part of this exhibition

Read More at http://gallery.baag.com.au/?p=1233

Australian Boat


13692945_1108694042525808_8828673064358781453_oCeramic Workshop

I ran a couple of workshops with staff, which were a lot of fun. These are some of the results



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