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18 June – 18 August

A group exhibition at the Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden includes many sculptures made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond and a Silky Oak hand carved relief  panel is by Matt Baird. And ceramics buy other artists, including myself. I have some works from the cabbage patch series.

My work in the exhibition

2014-06-18 001 009Chook totem


2014-06-18-001-005   078

The exhibition 


features some fantastic sculpture made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond, from a detailed copper logging truck to a giant metal rose to tree made from metal salvaged at the royal Children’s hospital, to a number of large spheres.

This beautiful 1.8×1.8m Silky Oak hand carved relief  panel is by Matt Baird.

There are also  metal wall pieces and  ceramics by Anne Maree Gentile, pottery by Terry Marston and ceramic sculpture by Meredith Plain and Wendy Smart.

For more images and information go to http://gallery.baag.com.au/?p=1941

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