Mar 112013

pottery expoThe Pottery Expo @ concept was launched in February 2001 by Melbourne studio potter Jane Annois. Pottery Expo aims to promote high quality, innovative ceramics by Australian studio ceramic artists.

I have taken part in a number of these expos. This image is the Expo @ Federation Square November 2005. Also  Pottery Expo at Warrandyte Feb 2004, Feb 2005, Feb 2007, Feb 2010, McLelland Gallery October 2008.


An Expo at Warrandyte

Jan 222013

Sunday 26th February 3 – 4pm.
Lachlan Plain, mural artist and Sanctum Theatre Director and Meredith Plain, Bolin Bolin Gallery Director, will take people on awalk through the exhibition, and around the artworks at Bulleen Art & Garden.

Part of Manningham Healthy Lifestyles Week
More information about the exhibition

More information about artworks at Bulleen Art & Garden